Australian Wildlife

Fairy Penguin

These little feather friends “fly” underwater with a unique wing stroke, and are the smallest of the world’s 17 penguin species, standing just over 30cm high. They are the only species to breed on Australia’s mainland and can be seen on the exclusive MyTourGuide Phillip Island Tour. 


The loveable koala enjoys a very idyllic lifestyle of sleeping and resting (some up to 20 hours a day), munching on eucalyptus leaves and moving between trees. They have large black or pink noses, soft grey fur, a thick tail which acts as a cushion when they rest and five digits on their paws (three connected and two separate) to grip food and groom.


Kangaroos are iconic Australian marsupials found throughout the country, with different species inhabiting different regions. They are expert jumpers and swimmers, and move around by hopping on their hind legs and using their large, muscular tails for balance. They cannot move backwards. In Victoria the most commonly found kangaroo is the Eastern Grey, which can jump up to nine metres in one bound and reach speeds of nearly 50km/h.