Australia produces more than 90 per cent of the world’s supply of opals, a lustrous and multi-coloured gemstone with a beauty that reflects Australia’s unique landscapes. The opal is worked into a variety of Australian jewellery, including rings, pendants, cufflinks and watches. Opals consist of small spheres of silica with water between. When you move the stone, light hits the spheres from different angles and brings about a change in colour.

Aboriginal Art

Rich with symbolism and often highly patterned, Aboriginal art is in hot demand around the world. Natural materials such as ochre, clay and bark are commonly used, but a lot of contemporary Indigenous artists will draw on canvas and synthetic-based paints like Acrylic now too.


Hailing from a warehouse in Melbourne’s outskirts, UGG is an iconic Australian manufacturer of comfy night (and day) footwear. Made from natural Australian merino sheepskin and wool, the products are beautifully crafted so it feels like you are walking on layers of thick clouds. The UGG story is a divisive one, with an Australia surfer taking the idea to California in the 1970s and giving it a life of its own there.